Adaptive Equipment for Wheelchair Rugby

The range of equipment for wheelchair rugby includes offensive and defensive wheelchairs, gloves, straps, and more. Scroll below to learn more…

Kory Puderbaugh holding rugby ball playing Wheelchair Rugby




Rugby wheelchairs are used by athletes while playing the sport of wheelchair rugby. The two main types of rugby wheelchairs include offensive and defensive rugby chairs. See below to learn more.

Offensive Rugby Wheelchair

Offensive rugby wheelchairs have a front bumper to prevent other players from hooking onto the chair and to protect the feet while playing. Offensive wheelchairs also have a spoke protector or wheel guards attached to the push rim to prevent hooking on the wheels. An additional metal piece is positioned between the front of the foot plate and the front of the wheel for prevention of the defensive chair getting stuck.

Vesco offensive Rugby wheelchair

Defensive Rugby Wheelchairs

Defensive rugby wheelchairs have a bumper that extends from the front of the chair to help hook and hold other wheelchairs. The defensive chair is shown in the image to the right.

Vesco defensive rugby wheelchair
Information and photos pulled from Vesco. Offensive Rugby Wheelchair. Defensive Rugby Wheelchair.


Accessories used in wheelchair rugby include gloves, straps, spoke guards, and more. See below to learn more about these available accessories…


A variety of gloves are available for use while playing wheelchair rugby. Gloves are overall intended to improve grip and push power while playing the game. Gloves are available that cover half of the fingers, while others cover the entire fingers. The gloves shown in this image have full finger coverage and are available in a few variations to suit the athlete’s purpose and preference for use.


Information and photo pulled from Living Spinal. Gloves.
gloves for wheelchair rugby

Leg Straps

Leg straps are used to hold the athlete’s legs securely in place while engaging in sports for increased safety and injury prevention. The image to the right is an available leg strap that secures the thighs in place while playing wheelchair sports. Calf straps and foot straps are other types of leg straps that secure lower legs and feet into place.


Information and photo pulled from Perform Better. Leg Straps.
thigh strap

Spoke Guards

The spoke guard utilized is dependent on the position being played, as there are spoke guards designed for offensive, mid-point, and defensive players. The spoke guard shown in this image is designed for an offensive chair.


Information and photo pulled from Vesco. Spoke Guards.
offensive spoke guard wheelchair rugby
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