2018 Team Caf Athletes_Grant Funding

25 Years of Funding Dreams

In the largest grant distribution in CAF’s 25-year history, $4.3 million in sports related grants for adaptive equipment, coaching, mentoring and competition expenses was awarded to 2,806 individuals with physical challenges. That means, 2,806 individuals of all ages and levels put in the time and effort to apply for a new challenge, leaping out of their comfort zone and into an active and fulfilling lifestyle. With grants funded over 95 different sports and activities from basketball to CrossFit and rock climbing, it’s clear that grantees at every level are eager to try something new and discover the unique activities that make them feel whole.

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CAF’s grant season is focused on getting more people active every year by developing the inner athlete of individuals at every level ““ young enthusiasts, Paralympic hopefuls and weekend race warriors.

With access to the necessary tools and opportunities, the question is no longer, “Why me?”, but, “Why not me?”. Feelings of hopelessness are replaced with fulfillment, confidence and independence leading to a well-rounded life in sports and beyond.

Grantee Spotlights

The Next GenerationThriving After Surviving Path to ParalympicsFrontline to Finish LineCommitted to an Active Lifestyle

2018 Grant Facts & Figures

athlete2018 Grant Program Stats:

  • 95 different sports
  • 40 countries and 48 states
  • 40% of grants to households with household incomes under $20,000
  • 25% of grants to households with household incomes $20,000- $50,000
  • 30% given to Youth Athletes under 18
  • 41% First Time Grant Recipients
  • 66% Male/ 34% Female
  • Operation Rebound Program – 314 Grants totaling $509,990 in funding awarded to permanently injured veterans and first responders


Breakdown by Physical Disability

Amputee 20%
Paraplegic 18%
Visually Impaired 14%
Cerebral Palsy 12%
Spina Bifida 12%
Quadriplegic 5%
Polio 2%
Muscular Dystrophy 2%
Other 15%


Most Popular Grant Awards by Sport

Basketball 336
Track & Field/Running/Triathlon 232
Cycling 203
Baseball/Softball 121
Hockey/Ice Skating 86
Swimming 73
Tennis 68
Rugby/Football 49
Surfing 42
Soccer 40
Fitness/Powerlifting/Crossfit/Yoga 34
Alpine Skiing 29
Bowling 27
Equestrian 26
Rock Climbing/Hiking 25