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Grant Application


To be eligible for a grant through Operation Rebound, an individual must be an U.S. active duty service member or veteran, or first responder (such as paramedic, firefighter or police officer). Additionally, an athlete's physical disability must be recognized within the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) classifications. For more information, please visit the IPC website. CAF does not discriminate based on age, gender, level of ability or sport, but does require applicants to demonstrate a clear financial need for their grant request.

Grant Offering:

Grants are offered on a year-around basis with multiple grants (equipment, competition and training) authorized on one application.

Apply for a Grant

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For questions, or to be mailed or faxed a copy of the application, please call Operation Rebound® Program Manager, Nico Marcolongo at 858.210.3525 or nico@challengedathletes.org