Partner Opportunities

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CAF believes that a successful relationship has several points of intersection in terms of shared value, employee engagement, transformational moments and a genuine understanding of what each party brings to the table.


Content Partnership

CAF works closely with our partners to create shared value through powerful, authentic content of challenged athlete stories and accomplishments, brand campaigns to drive media, and digital/social audience engagement that sets the stage for global awareness and change.

Contact Nancy for more info

Product & Services Partnership

CAF is proud to have partners that donate in-kind, top-of-the-line gear, nutrition, lifestyle products, their expertise and also unique experiences to support CAF events and athletes.

Contact Nancy for more info

Retail & E-Commerce Partnership

CAF partners with organizations to support TEAM CAF with discounts and an opportunity to give back a percentage of sales.

Contact Nancy for more info

Become a Partner

Contact our team to discuss partner opportunities or fill out the form and we will get in touch with you directly.

Nancy Reynolds

Sr. Director of Business Development

[email protected]
Jason Karavidas

Sr. Business Development Manager

[email protected]
James Sa

Associate Business Development Manager

[email protected]